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Background Coordi-Nation 


Coordi-Nation has many years of project management experience

in head quarters with world leading companies* in Marketing & Sales;

- Project management; organisation, planning, roadmaps, 

  timelines, milestones

- Product development, product management, product marketing

- Event management (european automotive fairs and other

  company events, workshops, meetings etc)

- Marketing & kommunication

- Budget responsibility 


Coordi-Nation offers


Coordi-Nation offers excellent coordination and organisation of your activities, daily to do's and projects across boarders and sectors. 


Coordi-Nation believes in longterm sustainable thinking and doing while maintaining a social responsibility.


The goal of Coordi-Nation is to create win-win situations. Win-Win is the only longterm, sustainable and fruitful way of working.

Under-promise, over-deliver; not the other way around.


Coordi-Nation believes in working closely together and turning critical issues into constructive and creative solutions.




Coordi-Nation offers its services in project organization supporting international organisations and companies with the implementation of transnational projects, primarily between Sweden and Germany. Coordi-Nation focuses on:


EU projects, targeting young adults and for the optimisation of public services to residents of rural areas


Network structures in cooperation with government agencies, businesses, organisations, social enterprises, to strengthen the regional economy and to increase the number of attractive jobs for young people, among others in the creative sector


Increased employment opportunities for young people in rural areas through education, training and personal coaching.


Coordi-Nation gives people who for various reasons are far away from the labor market the opportunity to acquire mobility experiences in Europe to develop further on a personal and professional level, thereby improving their employability and inclusion in society. The company uses the best practice experience in methods, didactics, project management, leadership and networking. Within the framework of national and transnational projects Coordi-Nation is active in the planning, organisation and evaluation of project activities, project management support and ensure the dissemination of the results in a meaningful way.




Coordi-Nation also look into optimisation measures for your business or organisation in the field of marketing & sales;

optimisation of organisation, coordination and processes, product management, event management, project management, marketing & communications


1. Analysis and evaluation of current situation, based on fundamental market research

2. Set-up of short-, mid- and long term goals

3. Creation of action plan / road map

4. Implementation


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*Examples of world leading companies:



Alfred Dunhill





SWE +46 70 5308462

GER +49 172 3663638



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